Bio-Oil: Multiuse Skincare Oil

Do you know why most skincare creams don’t manage to do their job right? Their composition is way too diluted and they don’t contain the nutrients needed for skin cell renewal and a proper hydration level. So, instead of wasting money on creams that never work, it is best to invest in Bio-Oil, for example, a product that was especially developed to cater the needs of our skin. As we discovered, the product is ideal for dry skin and for stretch marks, but we will let you discover the rest of the advantages of using Bio-Oil.


  • The product has a hypoallergenic formula, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Does not leave a greasy sensation on the skin, in spite of the fact that it is an oil;
  • Must be used within 36 months after opening the bottle, which indicates the fact that it is indeed a natural and reliable product;
  • It won a total of 224 awards as a skincare product, being the number 1 product for scar removal and treatment of stretch marks in 18 different countries.
What we like

  • If you get the Bio-Oil, you will have one treatment that addresses to a wide range of skin problems;
  • It is good to use before, during, and after a pregnancy, as it will hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity;
  • It can be used both on the fact and the body, the product having the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by deeply nourishing and moisturizing the skin;
  • It can be successfully used even in cases of an uneven texture and color of the skin, as Bio-Oil will solve problems like skin hyperpigmentation or differences in texture, leading to a skin with an even appearance;
  • It has a hypoallergenic formula, so it can be used by any skin type.
What can be improved

  • In some cases, it can make the skin look greasy and shiny, especially in the case of people with an oilier complexion;
  • Although it is said that it is hypoallergenic, there are cases in which the product triggered irritations of the skin or acne outburst when used on face.

Product Review

Bio-Oil is a world-renowned brand of skin care oil that can be used by almost anybody and for a diverse range of skin problems. It is mostly utilized by people that wish to treat scars and stretch marks, as the oil has nourishing and moisturizing properties that improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Thus, both the scars and stretch marks are gradually disappearing, the skin remains soft and smooth. For everyday care and to make sure that the skin does not dry out, you can mix a few drops of this product with your usual skin moisturizing product.

Even if Bio-Oil can be used on stretch marks, you can easily utilize it to even the color of your skin, to get rid of age spots, and make fine lines and wrinkles disappear as well. So, when it comes to best oils for stretch marks, Bio-Oil definitely deserves to be on the list, due to the fact that it can help out with so many skin issues. If you have sensitive or aging skin, Bio-Oil will help out as well, with a formula that is free of parabens, formaldehyde, fluorides, and sulfates. Thus, there are no harming elements in the composition of Bio-Oil that can have a toxic or damaging effect on your skin. If you have multiple skin conditions and problems, you can now address them all with one single product. Most certainly this is what made Bio-Oil such an appreciated product around the globe.

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