Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Concealer

A skin concealer is a very powerful tool. It can highlight all your assets and hide scars, flaws and imperfections. If used correctly it can help boost self-confidence and it can even make you look younger. These benefits are very important especially if you want to land a job or if you just want to feel good about yourself. The best makeup routine is something that you can do very quickly but still make you look great. Products like concealers can hide stretch marks, dark spots and scars. They can shorten beauty routines because they can quickly cover up scars without having to apply more products.

But how to cover up stretch marks? These are usually big scars that cover a larger area compared age spots or wrinkles. Using product like Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Concealer can help you hide scars and cover up stretch marks. But can it really do its job well? Read to find out.


  • High pigment and long lasting formulation
  • Smudge resistant with matte finish
  • For all skin types
  • 6 shades to choose from
What we like

  • Reasonably priced
  • Good coverage
  • Camouflages blemishes, scars, tattoos
  • Stays on, does not rub off
What can be improved

  • No SPF coverage
  • No moisturizer
  • Shades are dark

Product Review

Some women of color have a hard time finding the right cosmetics due to their darker skin tone. Concealers that match skin tone perfectly are especially harder to find because most of the products in the market are for fair skinned people. The good news is that products like Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Concealer are perfect for people of color because they have various shades that can help hide scars.

It does its job very well. It hides scars, stretch marks, dark spots and other flaws. The high pigmentation formulation means that you only need a little of the product and it goes a long way. You can use it in different parts of the body and can even be used in sensitive areas like under the eyes to lighten and conceal eye bags and puffiness. It is reasonably priced and if used as a concealer, a tube will last a long time.

The Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Concealer comes in 6 different shades. Most of the colors are on the darker side. Even tones like Khaki Sand are more suitable for people with darker pigmentation. If you have fair skin, it might be hard to find a shade that will blend in perfectly with your skin tone.

Some women also like short makeup routines. This product does not have SPF protection or moisturizer. This means that if you’re using this on your face as a concealer to hide scars or blemishes, you need to add at least 2 more steps to your routine.

But if you can find a shade to match your skin tone, this product is a good buy. It feels light, is smudge proof and long wearing. It hides scars and covers up stretch marks really well.

Check how this product compares to others.

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