Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream Review

Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scar Defense Cream works by increasing skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Stretch marks are basically narrow lines that appear on the surface of the skin during pregnancy or changes in weight. When they first appear, they look purple or red and then fade into white or silver.

Their presence on the skin can be unsightly and cause confidence issues in women. Luckily there are products like Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scar defense that can get rid of stretch marks and acne scars easily.

How effective is this product in getting rid of stretch marks? Check out our review of one of the best stretch marks cream.


  • Contains organic cocoa butter and shea butter
  • Delivers maximum hydration in a creamy and buttery texture
  • Stimulates production of new collagen
  • Gentle for any skin type
What we like

  • Great for stretch marks, scars and loose and dry skin
  • Safe to use by pregnant or lactating women
  • Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants
  • 90-day manufacturer guarantee
What can be improved

  • Best if used with Stretch Marks and Scar Defense Oil or derma roller
  • A bit expensive at approximately $20 for a 4 oz. jar
  • Results take time to be visible

Product Review

Use Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scar Defense Cream twice daily to get rid of stretch marks. It is very easy to use. Simply apply the product on clean skin morning and night and enjoy the results with consistent use. This product contains organic cocoa and shea butter with natural organic ingredients like aloe, sunflower oil, plant stem cells, seaweed extract and green tea extract to deliver maximum hydration in a creamy and buttery texture.

The product smells great and feels luxurious to the touch. The combination of ingredients reduces and prevents the appearance of stretch marks and scars by firming up and hydrating the skin. When skin is tight and well-moisturized, it will feel plumper so scars, stretch marks and fine lines are reduced. This is a gentle but powerful remedy that works well and is safe to use by pregnant and lactating women.

Don’t let the rich texture of this product fool you because it can be absorbed in seconds. Massage into problem areas like your stomach, thighs and buttocks to tighten and lighten the skin thereby reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

It is good to note that this product won’t get rid of your stretch marks. They will still be there but they will be nearly invisible to the eye. This is because a well-hydrated skin is plumper compared to dry skin so your skin will feel tauter and smoother. However, a well-hydrated skin is also defensive against the formation of new stretch marks; therefore, regular use will reduce stretch marks visibility while preventing the creation of new ones for added self-confidence.

The product works well by itself but it will take time to see visible results. The best practice is to use this product together with Body Merry’s Stretch Marks Defense Oil or a derma roller to help speed up the healing process. Using the Defense Oil is a good idea if you want fast results but it can be expensive. Using a derma roller is also advantageous and more cost-effective if you already have one.

Aside from reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars, this product is also ideal as a daily moisturizer. It can also help hydrate dry skin and tighten loose skin. You can use it as part of your skin care regimen also to smooth rough skin and take care of unsightly blemishes.

Overall, this is a good product to try if you’re looking for ways to get rid of stretch marks. Many reviewers like using this product because it is effective and is easy to use.

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