Cetaphil Antibacterial Soap Review

Cetaphil Antibacterial Soap, a non-comedogenic and effective anti-acne cream has gentle cleansing effects to ensure safe and spotless results. Given the plethora of products available for acne treatment, this product takes a notch above many other cleansing bars by conferring additional antibacterial activity. It also has many ingredients that work effectively to clear acne spots and leaves a clear, clean and natural skin. Knowing the ingredients and side effects of a facial are important, so here is more about the incredible bar soap, the pros and cons, features and every other thing you need to know before buying the Cetaphil Antibacterial Soap.


  • A non-soap formulation
  • Contains antibacterial ingredients
  • Weighs 127g
What we like

  • Good for dry and sensitive skin
  • Also fights bacteria
  • Mild on the skin
What can be improved

  • Cetaphil ingredient may cause adverse reactions
  • Sodium cocoate may cause irritation

Product Review

Manufactured by Galderma Laboratories and launched by the design house of cataphyll, Cetaphil is another no-soap formula that has a terrific cleansing activity and has been used by many buyers for acne treatment. It helps unclog pores which is essential in preventing sebum and dirt build up. It is also easy on the body and milder in effect than most antibacterial soaps.

Specifically prepared for deep cleansing dry and sensitive skin, the Cetaphil Antibacterial Soap has gained wide popularity and enjoys acceptance due to its superb activity and deodorant benefits. This acne treatment soap contains triclosan, an antibiotic that helps prevent bacterial build-up in the skin. Bacteria, dead skin and sebum are usually the culprit for acne breakouts. Its mild action makes it a good choice for very sensitive skin.

Being a non-comedogenic bacterial soap, an additional benefit of this product is that it leaves no blackheads or noticeable pore blockage when used. Some individuals experience negative reactions to the Sodium cocoate and Sodium tallowate ingredients so ensure you have no problems with these ingredients before buying the Cetaphil bacterial soap. The anti-acne product seems to be designed for dry and sensitive skin and its effectiveness for oily skin is not very clear.  So looking up on buyer reviews and getting first-hand user experience is the best way to go before buying this antibacterial soap if you have an oily or mixed skin.

It’s the ideal soap for a bath or shower. A good feature you’ll want to have in a skincare product is great moisturizing effect. And luckily, the Cetaphil Bacterial Soap offers additional hydrating effect which minimizes the need for a moisturizer after using the soap. It doesn’t deplete the skin’s natural protective oils and rinses easily, without irritating detergents. The bar cleanses effectively and is so mild enough that it can be used for children. While some buyers have no complaints, some users claim it causes reasonable facial dryness but works well on other parts of the body.

Although major side effects of this effective cleansing bar are not known, it is not unlikely to experience discomforts, in which case discontinuing use and seeing a dermatologist should be taken as a pre-emptive measure.

On the whole, the Cetaphil Bacterial Soap seems to offer bespoke and matchless deep cleansing abilities so if you have a dry and sensitive skin, this could be your ideal anti-acne treatment soap for a sensationally looking and healthy skin.

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