Dudu Osun Black Soap For Acne Treatment

With Pure natural ingredients and proven benefits in the treatment of acne, Dudu-Osun Black Soap is another product worth trying for recurrent acne breakouts. Wholly made from only natural ingredients, it ensures you get the best acne treatment with no noticeable side effects – a rare combination for a topical skin product. The black soap mildly clears acne and leaves a vibrant skin while giving an attractive scent. In a sea of other acne products, getting a decent review goes a long way before choosing your best product, so here’s a decent review of this amazing black soap.


  • Smells good
  • Contains camwood extract
  • Multipurpose effects
What we like

  • Natural ingredients prevent side effects
  • Mild on the skin
  • Also effective against eczema
What can be improved

  • Can be irritating
  • Average quality packaging

Product Review

A very popular skin treatment soap used majorly by Africans for many years, Dudu Osun Black has gained traction over time for its numerous benefits. It has become a popular acne treatment soap and also helps in removal of skin blemishes.

If you have an oily skin, the product will be a gem as it additionally treats issues like excessive oil. The soap contains a number of ingredients and herbs which include Aloe Vera, Honey, Calcium carbonate, Palm kernel oil, Camwood and Cocoa pod ash. It also contains glycerine which helps to retain moisture, eliminating the need for using an external moisturizer. Other ingredients include Lime juice, Potash, Palm bunch ash and Lemon juice.

Dudu Osun doesn’t readily crumble when stored properly but liquefies if stored in moist environments. It works without staining towels and has a pleasing fragrance similar to lime juice. So if scents do the trick for you, here’s arguably the best acne soap you’ll want to use. The black soap also lathers very easily and comes in many different sizes. It provides a much longer duration of use than most cleansing soaps, giving you the best combination for effective acne treatment. Originally an African soap, Dudu Osun can be bought from many online and offline cosmetic shops.

An additional benefit of this product is it aids exfoliation which helps to grow healthier skin cells, resulting in a beautifully radiant skin. Dark spots, make up traces, anti-aging and hyperpigmentation benefits have also been reported of Dudu Osun Black Soap.

Its lime content, in appropriate quantity, seems to be a very potent ingredient that helps in acne treatment. Providing additional antibacterial properties with an alkaline environment ensures you don’t have to worry about harmful skin bacteria. A major problem that may be encountered during use is irritation, particularly if rinsing is not done properly or if the product is used on a very sensitive skin.

To reduce inflammation or tingling aftereffects especially on sensitive skin, you’ll want to clean up with warm water before using the soap. Dudu-Osun seems to combine all vital essentials of a regular bathing and acne treatment soap. Simply use by rubbing gently on the skin and rinse off after a short while to prevent adverse reactions.

With its diverse blend of ingredients and minimal harmful side effects, Dudu Osun Black Soap is another worthy product with superb cleansing and acne removal benefits for a youthful and clear skin.

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