Organic Argan Oil: 100% Pure and Certified Organic Cold Pressed

The argan oil is probably one of the oldest oil used for preserving the natural beauty and health of the skin. Even after so many centuries, this particular oil continues to do its job in an incredible manner, promoting a supple and soft skin. With its help, you will be able to obtain a younger and rejuvenated skin, so you should not hesitate to take this option into account. And the fact that it is organic means that you will get only the advantages of using Organic Argan Oil.


  • Argan oil is an incredible treatment for skin and hair alike, due to its nourishing and hydrating properties;
  • Insta Natural presents an organic argan oil that has certification from the USDA and Ecocert, which means that the product is pure, safe, and reliable;
  • It contains no chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances, so it is safe to be used even by people with sensitive skin;
  • The oil is imported from Morocco, where argan oil is at home, and it comes only in small bottles, as the oil is pure and undiluted, a sign that the product is of the highest quality.
What we like

  • The argan oil has a pleasant texture and light viscosity, which makes it one of the oils that are best absorbed by the skin, explaining why it is capable of delivering such amazing results as a skincare product;
  • It is ideal for dry and damaged skin, as it will restore it back to health, making soft, smooth, and elastic once more;
  • Its ability to hydrate and lock in moisture makes the argan oil one of the best oils for stretch marks, so if you are dealing with this kind of skin condition, do not hesitate to use this organic argan oil and see them disappear;
  • The oil works great in the case of dry and flaky scalp and for dry and damaged hair, improving the condition of both of them, so you can forget about an itchy scalp and damaged hair;
  • You can use its repairing and protective properties for your nails as well, especially if you have dry, brittle and fragile nails.
What can be improved

  • It triggered the apparition of pimples on the face in some cases;
  • It made the skin and hair of some users rather oily.

Product Review

If you want the best skin remedy Mother Nature has to offer, then organic and unrefined argan oil is what you may be looking for. It is one of the best bio-oils for stretch marks and not only, as it can help you address a wide range of skin, scalp, hair, and nail issues. In other words, argan oil is an incredible natural moisturizer, so you can use it all over the body if you are struggling with dry skin, including on the scalp. Unlike other oils, Argan Oil is not thick, so even if you apply it on the scalp and hair, you will be able to wash it out with ease. When applied to the skin, the oil will make it soft and supple, so you will immediately feel an improvement in the skin’s elasticity.

This is very useful during pregnancy, when the skin stretches a lot in a very short period, leading to the apparition of stretch marks. So, this argan oil will prevent the apparition of stretch marks and, in case you already got stretch marks, the oil will transform them into a more discreet issue of your skin. This happens due to the fact that the oil maintains a great hydration level for your skin and helps it repair itself faster by providing much-needed nutrients and essential fatty acids.

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