PRI Dermarestore Advanced Stretch Marks and Scar Therapy Review

Women all around the world are looking for ways to reduce their stretch marks. While many women view this skin imperfection as a badge of motherhood, there are those who are distressed because these lines look unsightly and cause self-confidence issues.

Stretch marks are the result of decreased elasticity in the skin caused by pregnancy or weight gain or rapid growth.  There are women who result to cosmetic surgery just to get rid of their scars and stretch marks. But lucky for us there are over the counter products like PRI Dermarestore Advanced Stretch Marks and Scar Therapy cream that can help us get rid of stretch marks without invasive or costly surgeries.

Can this product remove stretch marks? Read the review below.


  • Contains a proprietary complex of oils and vitamins designed to reduce visibility of stretch marks and scars.
  • Non-staining deep penetrating formula.
  • Contains zero allergens
  • Easy and gentle to use
What we like

  • Specifically formulated for pregnancy, weight gain and rapid growth.
  • Repairs skin to help reduce stretch marks visibility
  • Very easy to apply
  • Non greasy feeling
What can be improved

  • Unpleasant smell
  • Contains artificial scents and ingredients
  • A bit expensive

Product Review

If you’re looking for a product designed specifically for stretch marks and scars, PRI Dermarestore Advanced Stretch Marks and Scar Therapy cream is a good choice. Pregnant women gain a lot of weight during their gestation period and this is understandable since they’re growing a human being inside their bodies. As a result many teenagers who are undergoing puberty or rapid growth are neglected by manufacturers of stretch marks solution products. Fortunately, this product also has teenagers in mind because growing up too fast or gaining weight due to changes in the body can result in unsightly stretch marks.

Teenagers are very sensitive when it comes to changes in their bodies especially their skin since these changes are very visible. For many teenagers, getting rid of stretch marks on their arms, stomach, legs and thighs are very important. Newly formed stretch marks are red or purple and are very visible which can make them more self-conscious.   Using this product can make stretch marks less visible so that self-confidence is regained. Consistent use of this product can help remove stretch marks so that they are nearly invisible to the eye.

Advanced Stretch Marks and Scar Therapy cream is a good product if you want to get rid of stretch marks. It doesn’t really make stretch marks disappear but it can help fade the color to white or a faded silver color so it looks less prominent. It works well for pregnant women as a prenatal and post natal care and for teenagers who have old and new stretch marks.

Advanced Stretch Marks and Scar cream contains ingredients that are hard to pronounce and spell. While this proprietary blend of ingredients are effective in making stretch marks look less visible, the alcohol, artificial fragrance and chemicals can cause sensitivity in some people. The artificial products could also be causing the unpleasant smell of the product. The chemicals can also be off putting to people who are looking for products that contain mostly organic and natural products.

The cream however is easy to use. For best results, manufacturers recommend using the product twice a day while reviewers are suggesting to use it with a derma roller for faster absorption and healing. This is one of the best stretch marks creams if you’re alright with using a stretch mark cream that uses a lot of artificial ingredients and chemicals. However, if you have skin sensitivity, it’s better to find alternative products.

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