Rosehip Seed Oil

Seed oil is one of Mother’s Nature wonders, so it is great that we can have it at our disposal with the help of the Kate Blanc brand. Apparently, this cosmetics company discovered the amazing skincare benefits of this oil and decided to introduce it in its product portfolio. It is worth checking out Rosehip Seed Oil and seeing for yourself how this natural oil can help you have a more beautiful skin.


  • This is another product released by Kate Blanc, a brand known for its effective treatment based on plants exclusively;
  • This rosehip seed oil is cruelty-free, as the company does not conduct tests on animals when it comes to their products;
  • The philosophy of this brand is that if you cannot pronounce the ingredient, then it means that it is not natural and won’t be used in the content of the Kate Blanc products.
What we like

  • The rosehip seed oil comes from plants grown in an organic manner, the oil being obtained by cold-pressing the seeds, which is a process that does not involve using any means that may damage the properties of the oil;
  • There are no preservatives or other chemicals in the componence of the oil, which is 100% pure and more than suitable to be used on the skin as it is;
  • The content of a bottle contains rosehip oil alone, in a proportion of 100%, so it is not mixed with a carrier oil;
  • This oil is a potent moisturizer, great for stretch marks and other skin wounds, it has great anti-inflammatory properties and an amazing anti-aging action.
What can be improved

  • Some users reported a greasy sensation after using this oil;
  • In some cases, the desired results failed to appear; still, because it is a natural vegetal oil, the treatment usually lasts longer and results depend on the skin type and problems.

Product Review

This rosehip seed oil provided by Kate Blanc Cosmetics is 100% pure and organic, certified by the USDA for its quality and reliability. No parabens, hexane, or other toxic chemicals present in the product’s composition. So, if you were looking for safe bio-oils for stretch marks, it is worth taking this product into account. The best part it is the fact that this is a very versatile oil, as it can be used not just for stretch marks, but also as an efficient moisturizer, anti-aging product, and skin and hair treatment. Thus, if you have other skin issues, besides stretch marks, like fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry cuticles, brittle nails or damaged and dry hair, using the Rosehip oil by Kate Blanc will help you with each of these problems.

The reason that makes this oil so efficient in promoting a beautiful and healthy skin is the presence of healthy fatty acids, like omega 3 and 6, in its composition. These fatty acids help the skin repair itself faster while keeping it protected against further external aggression, so you can enjoy a smooth and soft skin. The appearance of stretch marks and scars will be diminished as well, as the damaged skin cells will be effectively replaced by new healthy skin cells.

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