Sports Research Pure Collagen Peptides Powder

Are you looking for the best vitamins for stretch marks? Perhaps Sports Research Pure Collagen Peptides Powder can help. It contains pure collagen can improve skin vitality and possibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

According to scientists, stretch marks appear on the body when it grows faster than what your skin’s collagen can handle. Our bodies need collagen in order to have flexibility, elasticity and resilience to withstand stretching and growing. Once collagen supply is depleted, the skin exceeds the limit it can grow and stretch marks form. This unsightly scar can make some people uncomfortable, which is why some of them are looking for vitamins for stretch marks to make them disappear.

Sports Research Pure Collagen Peptides Powder is a drink supplement that can help stretch marks disappear. But do they work? Read and find out.


  • 11 grams of collagen per serving
  • Contains Type 1 and Type 3 collagen
  • Unflavored can be mixed to favorite cold drinks
  • Paleo Friendly and Keto certified
What we like

  • Generous amount of collagen per serving
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Can be mixed to different drinks for variety
  • Can be added to yogurt, warm drinks, oatmeal, soups
What can be improved

  • Not vegan friendly (collagen from bovine hide)
  • Collagen can clump in cold water. Need to mix in room temp first before adding ice
  • Expensive only lasts around 20 days if taken as recommended
  • High sodium levels if taken twice daily

Product Review

While many people are familiar with whey supplements in the form of shakes, not many people know that collagen can be mixed into drinks and drank directly. But Sports Research Pure Collagen Peptides Powder is one of those products. It is an unflavored powder that you can mix into warm and cold drinks, soups, oatmeal or sprinkled into your food. The good news is that this vitamin for stretch marks option can result in healthier hair, skin and nails.

Collagen is important for healthy cellular function. When skin collagen is depleted, it is less elastic and flexible. It is prone to “breaking” when stretched to the limit and this is why we have stretch marks. Drinking product like this one can help prevent or heal stretch marks from the inside out.

Recommended dosage for collagen is around 5 grams. This product contains 11 grams per serving, making sure that you have extra amounts in case of deficiency. It also contains good amounts of vitamins A and C which can help stimulate collagen production and boost skin hydration. All of these vitamins and minerals make this product one of the best vitamins for stretch marks options in the market.

While it is good to try this type of product, Sports Research Pure Collagen Peptides contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides from bovine hides so it is not vegan friendly. It also contains 60 grams of sodium per serving, making it a poor choice for a health drink if taken twice a day. It can also be expensive since one bottle only contains 41 servings meaning it will only last approximately 20 days.

However, this product is still a good choice if you want to try it as a vitamin for stretch marks. It has high levels of collagen and can help you get healthier skin, nails and hair.

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