Thai Gotu Kola Cream (Abhaibhubejhr)

Gotu Kola, a native plant from Southeast Asia has been used in traditional medicine as a remedy for inflammation, wound healing, trauma and circulation problems. Nowadays the cosmetic industry is using Gotu Kola as an ingredient to help remove stretch marks and treat scars.

According to industry experts, the plant is effective because it contains pentacyclic triterpene derivatives that assist in assist capillary filtration and contains anti-oxidants. Abhaibhubejhr Gotu Kola Cream is a product that is said to improve the healing process of wounds. Is it as effective for stretch marks? Read our review below to find out if Abhaibhubejhr Gotu Kola Cream is the best Gotu Kola cream for stretch marks.


  • Contains Gotu Kola and Centella extract for wound healing
  • Easy to carry tube size
  • High grade ingredients
What we like

  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Multi-use
  • Nice neutral smell
What can be improved

  • No English translation of product information
  • Takes a while for results to become visible (stretch marks)
  • Does not work on old scars

Product Review

Abhaibhubejhr Gotu Kola Cream is made in Thailand. This multi-use product that is effective in treating wounds. Minor problems like blisters, cuts and bruises are soothed and healed with regular application of this cream.

Gotu Kola and this product is effective because it contains pentacyclic triterpene derivatives that can help reduce swelling and production of connective tissue. These properties enable the product not only to heal wounds but also to treat scars like stretch marks.

As a product, Abhaibhubejhr Gotu Kola Cream is very easy to apply. To ensure efficacy, it is recommended to use the product twice daily on the affected area. The cream does not have a strong smell but it does feel a bit oily. As such, absorption of the product is slow and sometimes it leaves a greasy sheen to the skin. However, once it is absorbed, it works very well in speeding up the healing process.

If you’re using this product to help get rid of stretch marks, don’t expect things to happen overnight or in a couple of weeks. In fact, it should take around 6 months before you start seeing visible results. The product works by repairing cells from within. In the case of stretch marks, repairing elasticity means hydrating skin at the cellular level. Consistent and continued use of the product should be followed if you want to remove stretch marks.

This product is very affordable so if you don’t mind waiting for results, Abhaibhubejhr Gotu Kola Cream is one of the best Gotu Kola creams you can try. However, if you plan on using this product to heal wounds, you’re in the right boat. You can immediately see the product work even after just 1 day of application. It works best for minor cuts and wounds and for blisters as well. Just remember to apply on clean skin twice daily for efficient and effective healing. Best of all, scars disappear so you don’t have to worry about that.

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